Legal translation and your global risk & compliance strategy

As a legal translator specialising in commercial contracts, I am often asked to translate contracts when there is a dispute or when trying to understand the terms of a contract after it’s been signed. My English translations help lawyers and in-house legal teams assess risk and decide upon an appropriate way forward. Translation in a legal ...


We’ve all heard of Barcelona, Gaudí and the ongoing fight for independence but what about Catalonia’s human towers? All over Catalonia, forming part of local festivals, teams compete to build the highest and most complex castell (human tower). It is a tradition which dates back to the 18th century and is an important, symbolic part of Catalan ...


In May 2019 I won the award for Best Newcomer in the freelance category at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting Awards. I had been translating part-time for less than a year. Here are 5 things that I did to kick start my second career in a completely new industry. 1. I took advice from the ...
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With the second season of #NarcosMexico coming to #Netflix on Thursday, this article raises a really interesting point on Latin American stereotypes #Spanish #Narcos #LatinAmerica #Mexico

Some Thursday thoughts from my mum today: “Well, China are continuing to hide body bags and Trump didn’t get impeached. We are all going to hell in a hand basket” 😳

‘Dolor y Gloria’ was such a great film. Excited to see that it and Almodóvar were recognised...#almodovar #t9n #xl8 #spanishcinema #spanishfilm #DolorYGloria